Contactless Vending and Technology

Technology can never replace real people who care, but using technology as our friend ensures that we respond to your needs quicker and better every step of the way.

Here at East Midlands Vending we have chosen the systems and the hardware that can offer the ultimate benefits, creating an excellent consumer experience, enhancing your service levels even further.

East Midlands Vending created a modern solution for our business, embedding COVID protective measures for our people, contactless payments and 24 hour healthy refreshments. Thank you…..

Our Commitment To Innovation And You!

We will only use the innovation that works for our customers, but we will be bold and challenging to ensure that we take every opportunity to keep your services consumer friendly, practical, and simplified at every opportunity.
We will always ask ourselves why!


Contactless Options Accepted On All Machines


Option Of Antimicrobial Film On Touch Points


Vend Detection Guarantees A Vend Every Time


Telemetry Communicate On Every Machine

Modern Machines & Concepts With The Latest Technology As Standard

We source the most reliable, energy efficient & technically advanced machines for you. Proud to partner UK manufacturers, our machines work to complement your business and give your people a consistent and reliable service, whilst embracing innovation and change. Even our refurbished and recycled range of machines are contactless & energy efficient.

Contactless Payments-Making Life Simple

As your safety is important to us, we no longer use coins in our machines. Our partner, Nayax Contactless solutions ensure your machines are compatible with all contactless cards and devices.

Compliment you card reader with smart cards and you can offer free vends and various loyalty schemes,  or download the Monex Wallet App to take part in a digital loyalty programs. Talk to us about how these tools can work for you.

Telemetry Remote Monitoring

We can communicate with your machines remotely using telemetry, this means we react to your site needs even quicker, for faults, efficient stocking, and machine audits.

We arrive at site fully aware of replenishment needs and machine performance, this results in great operational efficiencies, reduces our carbon footprint and keeps our pricing and overheads as clean and as simply as the service we offer.

Join us to be different.

Guarantee A Vend Everytime

Remember the days of being left hanging…your packet of crisps the other side of the vending glass! Those days are history…

All our machines are fitted with a form of vend guarantee, an infra-red beam passing across the vend station that sensors when a product has dropped – No product detected then the spiral automatically turns again.

This innovation also works on hot drinks machine to sense a cup dropping, or giving you the option to be a greener business and use your own reusable cups.

Vendmanager Technology

Vendmanager Technology

Vendmanager technology streamlines our vending operations and boosts efficiency, providing real-time insights into machine performance, inventory, and consumer preferences.

This enables optimised route planning and product management, automated reporting and analytics aid data-driven decision-making.

All while remotely monitoring to ensure proactive maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Ready To Leverage The Power Of Vending Technology?

Every refreshment solution is different. We specialise in helping customers create unique solutions tailored to their specific needs, using the technology that will work for them.
Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who can help you explore how vending technology can help you.

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Why Choose Us As Your Vending Partner

Your service matters to us, that’s why we do things differently. We’ve built a great team of good hearted people with you in mind. We will deliver an exceptional service to your standard and specification – no contracts , a simple monthly Membership Plan where you only pay for the services you need.

Our people understand both our passion and your goals to create an outstanding service partnership.



Embracing new ways of thinking. We consistently evolve to improve our customers' experience.



We aim to inspire our team to engage with our customers, togetherness gains results.


Good Heart

Treat customers, suppliers and employees as our family, with respect, trust and integrity.



Local people understand local service. Flexible bespoke solutions deliver excellent service.



Constantly reviewing practices minimises our environmental impact & supports local initiatives.

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Our Vending Solutions

Talk to us to explore the benefits behind each door, the innovation that appeals to your business and how they can best compliment the service you want to offer for your people. Consumer expectation has never been greater, and we can provide an assortment of vending equipment and technology to provide excellent quality refreshments.

Match your solution with your membership plan and your ready to go!

MicroMarkets - Workplace Refreshments in a 'Mini Shop'

Take your business to the next level by creating a refreshment hub within your workspace.

As a forward thinking business you can use the latest technology in ways that really engage with your people.  From intuitive contactless payment Kiosks, and  Smart fridges for remote 24/7 temperature monitoring, to built in CCTV cameras for added security.

The MicroMarket will delight  your teams quickly becoming the social hub within your workplace, enjoyed by everyone.

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Quality Hot Drinks Machines

The best selection of Teas and Coffees in your workplace to complement your business.

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Snacks And Food Machines

Convenient way to offer top quality employee refreshments with minimal overheads.

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Cold Drinks Machines

Refresh your teams with all the latest brands alongside other healthy cold drinks options.

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Water Coolers And Sanitisers

Hydration equals good performance, plumbed or bottle water coolers sit elegantly in every business.

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