Table Top Coffee Machines Providing Barista Quality Coffee

As a leading vending machine supplier, East Midlands Vending offers the highest quality Table Top Coffee Machines that deliver consistently high quality coffee at the touch of a button. You can bid farewell to coffee runs and inferior beverages, guaranteeing a continuous supply of barista-quality coffee to keep your team at their best.

A Table top coffee machine that utilises powdered milk brings a unique blend of convenience and practicality to coffee enthusiasts and businesses alike. These compact machines combine the art of coffee brewing with the ease of operation, offering a range of enticing coffee beverages at the touch of a button. In using powdered milk, these machines eliminate the need for refrigeration and complex milk frothing mechanisms, making them particularly suitable for spaces with limited room or where fresh milk storage might be a challenge.

What Makes our Table Top Coffee Machines Stand Out?

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Powdered milk is generally more cost-effective than fresh milk. This economic advantage can be particularly attractive for businesses that need to manage tight budgets while still providing quality coffee beverages. By using powdered milk, operational costs and the need for refrigeration units are reduced, allowing businesses to allocate resources to other areas of importance.

Space Saving

Tabletop coffee machines are compact and designed to fit comfortably on countertops or small spaces. They are an ideal choice for environments where space is limited, such as small kitchens, office break rooms, or hotel suites. Despite their small size, these machines can deliver a variety of coffee beverages without sacrificing quality.

No Need for Refrigeration

Unlike fresh milk coffee machines, powdered milk doesn’t require refrigeration. This eliminates the need for dedicated storage space and the associated costs. The independence from refrigeration also makes tabletop powdered milk coffee machines suitable for environments where space or access to cooling facilities may be limited.

Longer Shelf Life

Powdered milk has a significantly longer shelf life compared to fresh milk. This quality is especially valuable in environments with variable demand, as powdered milk doesn’t spoil quickly.

This longevity reduces the frequency of restocking and minimises waste, making it an excellent choice for settings with irregular consumption patterns.

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Discover a Selection of Our Table Top Coffee Machines

Coffetek Zen alt=

Coffetek Zen

Full range of coffee shop style drinks in a compact 480×590 mm footprint
Can serve up to 300 drinks per day
During inactive periods Zen will lower the boiler temperature to reduce the power consumption

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Coffetek Vitro X3 Duo alt=

Coffetek Vitro Duo X3

Incorporates Coffetek’s 'Easybrew' system, providing fresh leaf tea in a 420x550 mm footprint
The Vitro X3 Duo incorporates high pressure espresso technology providing up to 210 cups per day

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Evoca Krea Touch - Necta alt=

Evoca Krea Touch - Necta

Krea Touch is the new elegant model, enriching the Necta Horeca Family, delivering up to 250 cups per day.
The compact 574x574 mm size, chrome frame and unrivalled performance makes it the ideal solution for your space.

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Coffetek Vitro S1 alt=

Coffetek Vitro S1

The Vitro S1 Espresso is a compact coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality of coffee espresso-based drinks into any location that consumes less than 60 cups per day.
This machine is ideal for small offices with the compact 305x430 mm size.

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