Satisfy Cravings with a Snack Vending Machine

Discover the convenience of a Snack Vending Machine from East Midlands Vending. These self-contained units stand independently and are an efficient way for people to satisfy their cravings for quick bites and refreshments.

Snack vending machines have become an indispensable amenity for employees and employers alike. These machines offer a convenient and efficient solution for addressing hunger pangs and providing a quick energy boost during the workday. Employees can access a variety of snacks, ranging from healthy options to indulgent treats, without leaving the premises.

What Makes our Snack Vending Machines Stand Out?

East Midlands Vending's outstanding reputation in the Vending Industry makes us your first choice for quality machines and customer service.

Satisfied Employees

A snack vending machine offers a myriad of benefits, with convenience and employee satisfaction topping the list. The vending machine’s availability 24/7 accommodates various work schedules, from early morning to late-night shifts, offering flexibility that caters to employees’ individual needs.

Beyond convenience, the presence of a snack vending machine signals an employer’s concern for their workforce’s well-being, thereby boosting morale and fostering a more positive work environment.

Variety of Products - Snack Vending - East Midlands Vending

Variety of Products

Snack vending machines offer consumers a diverse array of choices to satisfy their cravings and dietary preferences. What’s more, some vending machines have taken variety to the next level by offering combination formats, including popular soft drink options alongside classic snacks.

From the timeless allure of classic Mars bars and the velvety indulgence of Cadbury Dairy Milk to the savoury satisfaction of snacks like Walkers and McCoy’s crisps, these machines serve as a hub of favourites.

Location Flexibility

Snack vending machines are versatile floor-standing devices available in various sizes, granting you the flexibility to tailor their capacity to your workspace’s needs. This adaptability empowers you to strategically position the vending machine in high-traffic areas for effortless access, optimising both convenience and cost-effectiveness by minimising wasted space.

Furthermore, it allows for adaptability as your needs evolve over time, ensuring your vending solution remains perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Discover a Selection of Our Snack Vending Machines


Crane Merchant Media 4 Snack Machine

H:1830 W:833 D:810
Crisps and Snacks
Media Screen & Shopping Basket
Digital Advertising


Crane Merchant Media 6 Snack Machine

H:1830 W:1180 D:810
Extra Wide Large Capacity
Media Screen & Shopping Basket
Digital Advertising


Evoca Twist Snack Machine

H:1830 W:735 D:855
Crisps and Snacks
Slimline Design
Electronic Pricing & LED Lighting


Evoca Swing Snack & Cold Drinks Machine

H:1830 W:890 D:875
Snacks & Cold Drinks
Custom Graphics Option
Electronic Pricing & LED Lighting

Customer Testimonial

"We contacted East Midlands Vending to provide a new drinks machine for our Boardroom, the service and back up provided has exceeded our expectations. We have since ordered another machine and plan to add another to this. We cannot fault the service and support provided by East Midlands Vending."

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