Business Vending & Refreshment Solutions

East Midlands Vending understand that every site and customer are different, it’s our job to listen, understand and then create the perfect solution for your needs. People don’t fit neatly into boxes which is why our flexible Membership Plan is bespoke for you.

Whether you want a risk free Fully Managed Vending service, Vending machines to rent for our Self-Operated option or simply Technical Maintenance support, we can help. Or Stand out as an great employer by introducing a MicroMarket into your business.

‘Glad to be back in the hands of a Vending Company that is all about customer service. East Midlands Vending understand what is important when providing vending services. After 2 nightmare years with another supplier, I know we are now in safe hands and the service has been 100% since EMV took over.’

Fully Managed Vending Service

Place your vending service in the hands of the experts. Our team of caring professionals ensure we cover everything from selecting a great range of products at affordable prices, to cleaning, stocking, and merchandising your machines.

With the latest technology we keep your people refreshed & safe by using convenient contactless readers and removing all coins.

Make your life easier and choose the membership plan to suit your business.

MicroMarkets & Self-Serve Shops

A MicroMarket creates a hub in your building which will quickly become much more than great refreshments, it will become the social heart of your workplace.

Enhance quality hot drinks with fresh milk & offer round the clock refreshment options, from breakfast, snacks on the go, and warm lunches to tasty light bites & healthy snacks & fruit.

Save money by replacing your onsite catering with an unmanned 24/7  MicroMarket with security camera monitoring. Call today for a free evaluation.

Vending machines to rent & Self-Operated

If you would love a vending service but your business is too small for a Fully Managed service, or you just simply prefer to do things yourself, you can.

We will create the perfect membership just for you. You can choose for us to just cover the maintenance but do the daily stocking and cleaning yourself – your choice!

Check out the extensive range of modern machines to meet your needs and we will compliment these with free installation and delivery and train your team to do the rest.

Maintenance And Technical Services

East Midlands Vending are proud to offer over 50 years technical expertise and experience in the Vending industry.

No matter how large or small your business, whether you want new machines or already have machines in situ, we can offer you the latest technology & a technical support service better than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Whatever you choose, remember you can upgrade or tailor your membership at any time if your needs change.

Monthly Membership Plan – No Contracts

No more lengthy contracts - create a monthly membership plan specific to your site needs. Only pay for the services you need when you need them and upgrade for additional service at any time. No small print! Let our great local team deliver services to your people to enjoy every day.


Monthly Membership Plans


No More Long Contracts


Talk To Real Humans


Only Pay For Services You Need

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Equipment To Support The Service You Need

Talk to us to explore the benefits behind each door and how they can best compliment the service you want to offer for your business. Consumer expectation has never been greater, and we can provide an array of vending equipment to provide Excellent Quality Refreshments.


MicroMarkets & Refreshments

Take your business to the next level and create a social hub that engages with your workforce.

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Hot Drinks Vending Services

Reward yourself with High street quality, speciality coffees and hot drinks within your workplace.

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Snacks, Fresh Food And Cold Drinks

The convenient solution with an amazing range of products at affordable prices.

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Water Coolers And Sanitisers

Good Hydration & health reward you with increased productivity & reduced absence.

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Not Sure What You’re Looking For?

All refreshment needs are different. We specialise in helping customers to create unique solutions tailored to their specific needs. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who can help you find the perfect match to your budget and requirements.

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Our Commitment To Technology

East Midlands Vending combine all the great technology the vending world has to offer, with over 30 years of technical experience, to bring the most reliable solutions and innovation to you.

Our approach allows us to seamlessly introduce new initiatives into our business and offer you the latest technology as soon as it is proven.


Contactless Options Accepted On All Machines


Option Of Antimicrobial Film On Touch Points


Vend Detection Guarantees A Vend Every Time


Telemetry Communicate On Every Machine

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Why Choose Us As Your Vending Partner?

Your service matters to us, that’s why we do things differently. We’ve built a great team of good hearted people with you in mind. We will deliver an exceptional service to your standard and specification – no contracts, a simple monthly membership plan where you only pay for the services you need.

Our people understand both our passion and your goals to create an outstanding service partnership.



Embracing new ways of thinking. We consistently evolve to improve our customers' experience.



We aim to inspire our team to engage with our customers, togetherness gains results.


Good Heart

Treat customers, suppliers and employees as our family, with respect, trust and integrity.



Local people understand local service, flexible bespoke solutions deliver excellent service.



Constantly reviewing practices minimises our environmental impact & supports local initiatives.

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