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Introducing MicroMarkets – a unique self-serve refreshment Hub designed for the workplace. You dictate the size and location that works for your business, and let us create the best modular design to suit your audience, location and budget.

The workplace is changing and companies need to offer modern alternatives to attract the best talent to their business. Recognising the significant time spent at work, it’s imperative to offer contemporary options for employees to recharge with health-conscious choices. Elevate your workplace refreshment experience with a MicroMarket, where convenience, customisation, and well-being converge seamlessly…

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“Very Professional Company, from installation to finished design. Great team of people and excellent customer service. Look no further for perfect workplace refreshments

MicroMarkets from East Midlands Vending

What Are MicroMarkets?

Upgrade your traditional Catering or Vending services to something that really works, today.

In our fast-paced society that needs a balance of grab ‘n’ go with quality and choice, a MicroMarket can be a perfect solution for you.

Utilising any size space within the heart of your business, it will become a social, interactive hub that unites work colleagues, encouraging open exchange of ideas & work friendships, giving endless benefits to your organisation.


The Benefits Of MicroMarkets?

  • Focus on the health and wellbeing of your people with access to a wide variety of quality, nutritious food 24/7.
  • Interactive shopping where staff can obtain dietary and allergen specifics on all products.
  • Rapid contactless checkout for fast hassle-free transactions.
  • Engage with your teams, giving them a social space in the business so they feel valued and ‘love ‘to stay on site for refreshment.
  • Engagement is proven to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Find Out More On How A MicroMarket Can Transform Your Workplace

Every environment requires something different, so let us help you transform your refreshment offering, tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who can help you find the perfect match to your budget and requirements.

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Contactless Technology In Your MicroMarket

Designed to encourage your teams to interact with the latest modern technology within the workspace:

  • Intuitive payment Kiosk, offers users single purchase, promotions, loyalty benefits or meal deals.
  • Self-scan bar codes offering full nutritional and allergen data.
  • Compatible with all Contactless payment options – including mobile and Apple pay.
  • Smart Fridges with remote temperature controls to ensure safe dispensing 24/7.

Designing A MicroMarket

With our help you can turn even the smallest space into a fantastic, interactive refreshment hub, incorporating social distance space markings and sanitising stations to create a safe workspace bubble.

  • Modular systems create a layout and flow for a full range of products from ‘Healthy & Good for you’, ‘Fresh &  Chilled’, ‘ Breakfast & fresh fruit’, ‘Sweets & Confectionary’ , ‘Savoury Snack & lite lunches’ and ‘hot & cold drinks’
  • Early stage detailed space surveys help create 2D images to bring your MicroMarket to life.

Embrace Sustainability with a Recycling Station

Elevate your company’s commitment to a greener future with a Recycling Station from East Midlands Vending. Empower your staff to make a positive impact on the environment while reinforcing your organisation’s dedication to sustainability.

Discover how our innovative solutions can seamlessly integrate into your workplace, fostering a culture of eco-consciousness and social responsibility.

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Monthly Membership Plan – No Contracts

Create a monthly Membership Plan specific to your site needs. Only pay for the services you need, when you need them and upgrade for additional service at any time. No small print! Let our great local team deliver services to your people to enjoy every day without long term contracts…


Monthly Membership Plans


No More Long Contracts


Talk To Real Humans


Only Pay For Services You Need

Check Out Our Other Vending Solutions

If Micro markets aren’t for you, we have an array of the very best equipment the vending world has to offer. Working with you on the quality and type of products you would like to offer, we create a vending solution that works hard for you.

Choose the type of refreshments you would like to offer, we’ll provide the most reliable and energy efficient equipment to do the job and then tailor the perfect Membership Plan for your needs.


Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Expect the best, High Street Quality coffee and drinks in your workplace.

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Snacks & Food Vending Machines

The convenient, modern way to offer top quality employee refreshments.

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Cold Drinks Vending

Refresh your teams with the latest branded and healthy cold drinks.

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Water Coolers And Sanitisers

Good hydration is essential for staff performance and productivity.

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Why Choose Us As Your Vending Partner?

Your service matters to us, that’s why we do things differently. We’ve built a great team of good hearted people with you in mind. We will deliver an exceptional service to your standard and specification – no contracts , a simple monthly Membership Plan where you only pay for the services you need.

Our people understand both our passion and your goals to create an outstanding service partnership.



Embracing new ways of thinking. We consistently evolve to improve our customers' experience.



We aim to inspire our team to engage with our customers, togetherness gains results.


Good Heart

Treat customers, suppliers and employees as our family, with respect, trust and integrity.



Local people understand local service, flexible bespoke solutions deliver excellent service.



Constantly reviewing practices minimises our environmental impact & supports local initiatives.

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