Meet The Team

Meet the team: We are a Local, Independent Vending company, based in Nottingham, the heart of the East Midlands. Our great team of people are all very experienced in the Vending world and are experts at providing the best possible customer service. We employ nice people who really care, and the way we look after them is the way they look after our customers because each and every customer matters to us.

Chloe B

Chloe Broome –Vending Operator

Chloe B brings a fresh perspective to our team. With a background in warehouses and catering, Chloe infuses her expertise into every aspect of her role.

Although new to the world of vending, Chloe embraces the opportunity to learn and grow within her position. Her enthusiasm and commitment drive her to continually enhance the vending experience for our customers.

Liv D’Angelo – Sales & Marketing Co-Ordinator

Liv joined us after running her own digital marketing agency and brings with her extensive experience and knowledge of the marketing industry.

Having worked with a number of well-known brands, she’s excited to work with our team to build on our East Midlands Vending brand and take our marketing to the next level.

Joanna Staples – Vending Operator

Joanna has over 23 years of experience in the vending industry, all of which have been in the Midlands area. She has seen the industry change drastically over the years, from small local businesses to large national operators.

But through it all, she has always loved the industry and has never wavered in her commitment to providing her customers with the best possible service.

Debra Watson – Vending Supervisor

Debra is 9 years and counting in the vending industry, focused on supporting our team in the field making sure our customers receive the best possible service.

Deb enjoys the early morning starts and working with like-minded people. She is also enjoying developing MicroMarkets and understanding how she can help people in the workplace.

Shelly Parker – Retail Manager

Shelly’s 16+ years in the vending industry, combined with her extensive retail and customer service background, make her the perfect person to match our menu range and planograms to our customers’ tastes.

She embraces the changing face of snacking and is always looking for new and innovative ways to satisfy our customers’ cravings.

Mick Parsons –Vending Operator

Mick brings an impressive 28 years of invaluable experience in the vending industry!

He joins us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success and growth of our team. His extensive background in the vending industry makes him a valuable asset.

Chloe EMV

Chloe Moore – Vending Operator

Chloe M brings some youth, energy and lots of fun to our team! Her previous experience in the retail world makes her a perfect fit for East Midlands Vending and our expanding MicroMarket base.
Being new to Vending, Chloe has enjoyed some extensive training and customer familiarisation in the south of our area.

Angie EMV

Angie Laird – Vending Operator

Angie is a real vending expert with over 14 years experience. She fully understands the importance of excellent customer service and keeping the client happy.

Prior to vending Angie’s heart was in nursing, which helped her build her family. 

Tom Noble – Service Technician

Tom is the youngest member of our team but has already got 6 years experience in vending, joining for a temporary two-week summer job and never leaving.

Tom has learnt everything about vending on the job and from the ground up, there is nothing he can’t turn his hand to within our vending world.

Simon Barnett – Commercial Director

Every business needs a ‘Simon’, he is the financial brains behind the business and with 25 years’ hands on experience in vending, these two skills marry to create a perfect leader.

Simon has a clear focus on customer service, ensuring the team are fully supported, leaving nothing to chance to get the best solution for each and every customer.