Hot Drinks Vending Machines – Floor Standing to fit any location

Discover the innovation of a Floor Standing Hot Drinks Vending Machine from East Midlands Vending. These self-contained units stand independently, poised to deliver a delightful array of hot drinks, epitomising convenience and quality.

Featuring generous space for diverse coffee blends from Fresh Bean to quality Instant, & customisable options, they accommodate a wide range of preferences, ensuring a uniquely personalised cup every time. Beyond their practical functionalities, these free standing coffee machines boast seamless, sleek designs that effortlessly blend with their surroundings.

What Makes our Floor Standing Hot Drink Vending Machines Stand Out?

A Floor Standing Hot Drink Vending Machines from East Midlands Vending offers several benefits making it a popular choice for coffee lovers and businesses alike.

High Capacity and Versatility

The advantage of floor standing coffee machines over  a countertop lies in their impressive size and capacity, allowing them to be totally self contained with waste and internal cups. These machines are designed to be workhorses of convenience, capable of serving a substantial choice & quantity of quality coffee specialities drinks, alongside Fresh Brew Teas and other customisable options.

This extensive choice of coffee options is particularly invaluable in high-traffic locations where people with varying tastes and preferences converge.


Due to their size and design, floor standing hot drinks machines are easily noticeable and accessible to everyone. They can be strategically situated in locations, commanding attention where large volumes of people pass through daily.

In a world that increasingly operates beyond traditional business hours, these machines never sleep. They cater to coffee enthusiasts around the clock, ensuring that their favourite beverages are available whenever they crave them.


These machines often eliminate the need for hiring dedicated baristas or staff to manage a traditional coffee service. It’s a direct and substantial reduction in labour expenses that can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.

They are also designed for efficiency, minimising waste by precisely measuring ingredients for each cup. Fewer wasted ingredients mean lower operational costs and a reduced environmental footprint. This not only conserves resources but also translates into substantial long-term cost savings for a business.

Discover a Selection of Our Floor Standing Hot Drinks Machines


Coffetek Neo Q

H:1830 W:695 D:750
700-1500 cups per day
Fresh filtered water and coffee combined solution
21" interactive touch screen


Coffetek Zensia

H:1830 W:600 D:625
Up to 300 cups per day
Single fresh brew tea OR espresso with leaf tea configurations
A+ energy rating


Evoca Maestro

H:1830 W:650 D:760
Up to 350 cups per day
Fresh leaf tea as well as cold & sparkling water
24” HD touch screen


Crane Cali 6

H:1830 W:700 D:790
Up to 800 cups per day
Fresh leaf tea and cold water option
Up to 12 drink selections

Customer Testimonial

"We contacted East Midlands Vending to provide a new drinks machine for our Boardroom, the service and back up provided has exceeded our expectations. We have since ordered another machine and plan to add another to this. We cannot fault the service and support provided by East Midlands Vending."

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