Unlock the Magic of Reading with Book Vending Machines

Welcome the future of education with East Midlands Vending‘s remanufactured Book Vending Machines! We’re thrilled to offer innovative technology that fosters a love of reading, sparks imagination, and empowers young minds to embark on literary journeys.

We believe that every child deserves access to a world of knowledge and captivating stories. With our cutting-edge technology and top customer service, we are making this dream a reality.

What Makes our Book Vending Machines Stand Out?

East Midlands Vending's outstanding reputation in the Vending Industry makes us your first choice for quality machines and customer service.

Encourages a Love of Reading

The joy of choosing their own books empowers students to take ownership of their reading journey, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for books and learning. The presence of the vending machines becomes a talking point, igniting conversations about favourite reads and new discoveries, further amplifying the excitement.

Book Vending Machines not only cultivate a lifelong passion for reading but also contribute to a vibrant and engaged learning environment where the joy of books is celebrated.

Sustainable Savings

We take pride in professionally refurbishing all machines to a high standard. Before installation, each machine undergoes a complete strip-down and respray, ensuring it looks and works as good as new.

Plus, choosing a remanufactured machine not only guarantees full functionality but also offers a more budget-friendly and sustainable option compared to buying a brand new vending machine. It’s a win-win for your school and the environment!

Fosters Creativity

With a wide selection of books at their fingertips, students can explore various stories and ideas that spark their imaginations. As they dive into different worlds through reading, they begin to develop their own imaginative thoughts and unique perspectives. These experiences fuel their creativity, helping them express themselves in new and exciting ways.

Book Vending Machines become the key to unlocking a world of creativity, allowing children to grow and create their own stories as they embark on the thrilling adventure of independent reading.

A Great Reward Scheme

Each Book Vending Machine includes a token receiver for easy use with tokens to vend the books. Students can earn tokens for their academic progress and positive behaviour, encouraging them to excel in their studies and embrace reading with enthusiasm. It’s a fun and engaging experience that encourages a love for books and learning!

This incentive scheme can also be used as part of a Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework within your school, rewarding the positive behaviour of your students.


You have the option to personalise all Book Vending Machines with your school colours and emblem or that of a chosen charity. Alternatively, you can explore the possibility of securing a local sponsor who would contribute to the machine's purchase, and in return, their branding would be displayed on the machine.

All branding is included in the cost of the machine purchase.

Join the Movement

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionise reading in your school! Introduce a Book Vending Machine and watch as the magic of literature transforms young minds, sparks creativity and encourages independence.

National Book Tokens are offering five schools the chance to start rebuilding their libraries by inviting teachers, parents, carers and communities to nominate their school. Each winning school will receive £1,000 in National Book Tokens which can be used to fill your Book Vending Machine! Find out more and nominate below:

Nominate Your School

All machines include a token receiver for use with tokens to vend the books.


Refurbished Evoca - Snakky Max

Capacity - 96 Books


Refurbished Evoca - Samba

Capacity - 128 Books

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