Water Filters

Water Filters: Revitalising Vending Sustainability

In a time where environmental concerns are at the forefront, companies like H20 Direct have taken the lead in promoting sustainable practices. Recognising the impact of discarded water filters on our ecosystems, H20 Direct has launched a ground-breaking recycling initiative. Let’s delve into the details and explore the positive effect it is having on vending sustainability.

The Need for Sustainable Solutions

The use of water filters has surged in recent years, resulting in a corresponding increase in discarded filters. Not recycling water filters can have negative effects on the environment:

  • Minimises waste sent to landfills
  • It reduces Pollution
  • Conserves Natural Resources
  • Preserves Energy
  • Creates jobs, producing economic benefits

As a result, environmental programmes such as H20 Direct’s are key to ensuring waste is reduced and recycling is increased.

H20 Direct’s Recycling Initiative

H20 Direct’s recycling initiative is an integral part of their business model. In 2017, they introduced the offering, giving their customers the ability to recycle the IEN and VH-IEN models of their filters; these are the filters used in both water and hot beverage machines offered by East Midlands Vending. The filter components that can be reused are salvaged and separated into recycling groups including plastic, carbon and resin. The plastic is then ground into pellets that can be recycled into either new filter housings or new products. H20 Direct maximizes the recycling potential of each filter while minimising waste.

Ecologi Partnership

Further to this, in 2021, H20 Direct partnered with Ecologi, an Environmental organisation who are focused on planting trees and funding the world’s best carbon offsetting solutions. Since September 2022, H2O Direct have also offered their customers the chance to plant their very own trees and also fund the planting of 25 trees for every bag of filters returned to them for recycling. This encourages businesses to embrace the initiative and consider their own environmental footprints.

East Midlands Vending supports this programme by collecting and returning filters from our customer’s machines to H20 Direct for recycling. This is part of our routine operations function.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

Monthly recycling stats from H20 Direct as a result of their programme:

  • 20,000 Kg of resin recycled
  • 98% of materials recycled
  • 6.6 million plastic cups equivalent
  • 120 ton of equivalent CO2 saved
  • 89% of materials used for new products

Spreading Awareness and Engaging Customers

By involving customers, H20 Direct aims to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and create a lasting impact. Allowing businesses to join the industry-wide pledge to reduce plastic waste through the supply of water filters.

H20 Direct’s recycling initiative for water filters sets a remarkable precedent in the pursuit of sustainability. Through their commitment to reducing waste and preserving natural resources, H20 Direct exemplifies responsible corporate citizenship. As businesses, we have the power to support and encourage similar initiatives, ultimately creating a greener and more sustainable future for the vending industry.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the recycling revolution, take a look at the great range of Water Coolers and Hot Drinks Machines we offer and contact our team today.