Quality Ingredients in Your Coffee Machine

Elevate your coffee experience with East Midlands Vending! Discover the difference ingredients make in your coffee machine and say goodbye to bland coffee breaks and hello to barista-quality brews. Our modern machines, tailored to your environment, ensure a top-notch experience. so, let’s transform your coffee moments together.

How Important is the Type of Coffee You Offer?

Coffee vending machines are available to provide the coffee of your choice, in a diverse range of machines, primarily distinguished by the form of coffee they dispense.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a convenient and quick coffee product made from brewed coffee beans that have been freeze-dried or spray-dried into a soluble powder. Instant coffee offers the advantage of quality product with a quick dispense time and a longer shelf life.

Fresh Filter Coffee

Fresh filter coffee, is made by grounding fresh coffee beans, producing an excellent product to use in our machines. This process involves passing hot water through a filter containing ground coffee, individually for every drink, allowing the flavours to be extracted gradually.

Fresh Bean Coffee

Fresh bean coffee is made from whole coffee beans that have been roasted. These beans are freshly ground for each cup, just before brewing as this preserves the aroma and flavour. It offers customisation and control over your coffee’s taste and strength.

How important is the type of milk you offer?  

The milk choices in hot drinks machines are pivotal for customer satisfaction, health consciousness, and sustainability. Offering a range of options caters to diverse dietary preferences, promotes healthier choices and aligns with eco-conscious values. These milk choices also enhance machine adaptability, meeting the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

Granulated/Powdered Milk

Granulated or powdered milk refers to milk that has been dehydrated and ground into a fine powder or granules. A reliable product, this type of milk produces excellent quality drinks, has a longer shelf life compared to liquid milk and doesn’t require full refrigeration.

Fresh Milk

Fresh milk in coffee machines means using refrigerated liquid milk directly. With the correct care and training, this milk ensures high-quality taste and texture, akin to specialty coffee shops, offering a premium coffee experience.

Non-Dairy Alternatives

Some coffee machines allow you to offer non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy, almond, coconut, oat, rice, cashew, and hemp milk. These options cater to lactose intolerance, vegan diets, and various taste preferences.

Elevate your coffee breaks with East Midlands Vending. Enjoy barista-quality coffee from cutting-edge machines tailored to your preference and environment. Transform your coffee experience today!