Office Survival Guide: Taking Care of Your Team

We understand the challenges of keeping your team productive, motivated, and healthy, especially during busy office hours. Gloomy weather and limited daylight only add to these challenges, making it even tougher for employees to sustain their usual motivation and concentration. By acknowledging these struggles and offering tailored support, you can significantly enhance team morale and productivity.

To assist you in creating a comfortable and supportive work environment, we’ve put together this Winter Office Survival Guide, filled with tips and ideas to nurture your team’s well-being.

Hydration and Comfort:

Water Coolers: Ensure there are water coolers strategically placed around your office. Hydrated employees are more focused and productive. Plus, drinking water can help counter the drying effects of harsh winter air and office heaters on the skin.

Hot Drinks Machines: Invest in a high-quality hot drinks machine and provide a variety of drinks. A hot cup of coffee, tea or soup not only keeps your team warm but also makes them feel appreciated and valued. It also saves them the hassle of going out for a good cup of coffee, boosting office hours and productivity.

Snacks and Nutrition:

Snack Solution: Winter cravings often lean towards hearty snacks. Introduce a snack vending machine and keep it stocked with a variety of options including healthy options, seasonal sweet treats and indulgent goodies. Snacks help keep blood sugar levels balanced, metabolisms active and minds alert, increasing and maintaining energy levels and improving concentration. A well-fed team is a focused team, especially when winter cravings hit!

Fuel Productivity with Fruit: It’s easy to fall prey to sugary snacks and energy slumps. That’s where our fruit box deliveries come in—a colourful array of freshness designed to fuel your team’s productivity and well-being. A quick, healthy snack not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also provides essential vitamins, keeping everyone at their best. Find out more.

Weather and Commuting:

Car Tips: Send an email to employees with a guide on how to prepare their cars for bad weather. Include tips on checking tyre pressure, fluid levels, and emergency supplies. A well-prepared team can avoid commuting hassles during rough weather.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing:

MicroMarket Convenience: Introducing a MicroMarket provides convenience, promotes healthy eating, and boosts morale, leading to increased job satisfaction. Micromarkets create social hubs, encourage a balanced work-life, and support diverse dietary needs, fostering a positive workplace environment. They also allow your staff to find everything they need in one place, saving them the trouble of having to go elsewhere.

Encourage Breaks: Encouraging regular breaks at work is crucial. Breaks boost productivity, reduce stress, and enhance creativity and problem-solving abilities. They also promote physical and mental wellbeing, contributing to a positive work culture and job satisfaction. Additionally, breaks improve social interactions, strengthen teamwork, and increase overall motivation, creating a happier and more productive workplace environment.

Flexible Working:

Flexi-time: Introducing flexi-time for employees during winter can have several positive impacts on both employees and the workplace. It improves work-life balance and boosts employee well-being by preventing illness spread, enhancing productivity and boosting morale. Creating a culture of understanding, empathy, and adaptability are essential for a thriving and resilient workforce.

Hybrid/Remote Working*: Hybrid and remote working are both flexible work arrangements that have gained popularity in recent years, especially in light of advancements in technology and changing attitudes toward work. Both options have their advantages:

  • Hybrid working maintains some level of in-person interaction, fostering team cohesion and corporate culture. It also provides flexibility, catering to employees’ individual needs.
  • Remote working, on the other hand, offers maximum flexibility and can enhance work-life balance, reducing commuting time and costs.

* The primary drawback associated with remote work lies in the absence of direct human interaction, limiting the valuable advantages that can be derived from mentorship.

Avoiding Winter Illness:

Office Survival Guide

While it’s challenging to entirely eliminate the risk of falling ill, especially within a close-knit working team, there are effective measures you can take to minimise the chances of your team contracting illnesses like the flu, common cold, or even more severe conditions such as stomach flu (gastroenteritis).These include:

  • Washing hands frequently
  • Keeping surfaced clean
  • Use of Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser
  • Working from home / not working at all if unwell
  • Getting a flu shot

If you’re interested in finding out more about how East Midlands Vending can help you support your team over the coming months, please contact us today!