Workplace Trends: The Rise of Non-Dairy Milk

The Workplace is yet again following the trends of the High Street

Non-Diary milks are very quickly increasing in popularity, and employers are recognising the importance of choice. For the health conscious or simply people wanting the choice and taste of the different non diary milks available, East Midlands Vending can provide you with the choice that allows you to stand out as an employer in your area.

Coffetek Vitro X3 – Twin Powdered Milk Options

  • You don’t have to lose your favourite dairy milk, just add an additional non-dairy milk to give greater choice
  • Introduce a great powdered Oat Milk alternative – vends completely independently so no cross contamination

Evoca La Radiosa – Fresh Milk and Non-Dairy Milk  

  • Try your favourite ice drinks with a milk of your choice
  • In busier areas or to increase sales you can give other alternative milk options using the separate steam wand on the Evoca La Radiosa

Welcome back to the Workplace – Post COVID

Are you making your workplace welcoming?

Small things go along way, try our weekly bespoke fruit boxes to encourage good health or why not add in the occasional treat box as a reward for team work

Just let us know what to include and give your team their favourites or simply arrange fresh milk and Non-dairy milk deliveries to site to offer choice and show you care.

If you need help and ideas about giving your people choice in the workplace talk to our team at

East Midlands Vending Ltd 0800 0029338