Meet the East Midlands Vending Team

We are a Local Independent Vending company, based in Nottingham, the heart of the East Midlands. Our great team of people are all very experienced in the Vending world and are experts at providing the best possible customer service. We employ nice people who really care, and the way we look after them is the way they look after our customers because each and every customer matters to us.

Chloe Moore – Vending Operator

Meet the latest member of our East Midlands Vending Family, bringing some youth, energy and lots of fun to our team. Chloe’s previous experience in the retail world makes her a perfect fit for East Midlands Vending and our expanding MicroMarket base. Being new to Vending, Chloe has enjoyed some extensive training and customer familiarisation in the south of our area, where she currently lives with ‘Snoopy’ the Beagle.

What attracted you to East Midlands Vending?

I was looking for a new challenge. I love driving, so the independence of looking after my own area really appeals to me and I feel I am achieving something every day.

The team at East Midlands Vending have made me feel so welcome and supported….I love it….


Outside of work? – Friends and family fill my time with holiday, long walks and plenty of food and drink – especially cocktails…

Secret Vice – I love a game of crazy golf…very competitive.

Joanna Staples – Vending Operator

Meet the latest member of our East Midlands Vending Team.  Joanna has worked in vending for over 23 years, with all that time in the Midlands Area. Jo has experienced many changes over the years, working for small local businesses, and then moving through acquisition to larger National Operators, but always staying in an industry she loves. Jo has been with her partner for an amazing 27 years and they share their home with ‘Rosie’ the King Charles Cavalier and ‘Spanner’ the parrot,

Why East Midlands Vending Jo?

After so much experience in the Vending Industry I wanted to return to where it all began – A lovely, Local family business where I can concentrate on my customers and giving great service. I was recommended East Midlands Vending by several people, so thank you.


Favourite Vending Product? – I love a Mocha and I’m definitely a ‘Savoury’ not ‘Sweet’ person.

Secret Vice – I love a Pint of Bitter whilst watching the darts….

Angie Laird – Vending Operator

Angie is a real vending expert with over 14 years experience. She fully understands the importance of excellent customer service and keeping the client happy. Prior to vending Angie’s heart was in nursing, which helped her build her family. Married for 37 years (well done you!) she has 5 children and 6 grandchildren, so her social life is family time and holidays.

Why East Midlands Vending Angie?

“I really needed a new direction but love the vending world. I was recommended East Midlands Vending as a company who really care about their staff and give a great home-work life balance, which is really important to me. I love the supportive atmosphere at East Midlands Vending”


Favourite Vending Product – It’s all about the coffee, simple fresh bean white coffee…perfect

Secret Vice – A love for shopping and seeking out a great bargain

Julie Wawrzynczyk – Vending Operator

Julie has over 32 years in the vending industry, she really doesn’t look old enough! Starting her career in vending early it helped Julie raise her son and daughter, both now adults, making her very proud.

Why so many years in vending Julie?

“The vending world has been kind to me, and I’ve been lucky to work for some great companies who supported me when I was caring for my family. The opportunity at East Midlands Vending was a no brainer, I know the owners and management team from my previous roles and knew that they really care about customer service and treating people well. I now have time for country walks with my dog and growing my own Lillies and Poppies, which makes me happy.

Favourite Vending Product – Bottled water, hydrating is key as I’m on the go all day.

Interesting Vending Fact – Bottled water is in our top 5 best sellers

Debra Watson – Vending Supervisor

Debra is 9 years and counting in the vending industry, focused on supporting our team in the field making sure our customers receive the best possible service.

What’s the best bit of your job Deb?

“To be honest, I love it all, the early morning starts suit me and I love working with liked minded people who work hard and understand the balance of having fun and enjoying life. I’m really enjoying developing our MicroMarkets, being creative and really understanding how we can help people in the workplace is satisfying, I’m a great listener” Deb worked in a bookmaker’s whilst raising her family, but now her children are adults themselves she gets to do a job she loves, with hours to suit her so she can spend time with her lovely 6-year-old granddaughter who’s a real mini me.

Favourite Vending Product – So much choice in the MicroMarkets, I particularly love the fresh wraps

Favourite Drink – Anything with Malibu

Tom Noble – Service Technician

Tom is the youngest member of our team but has already got 6 years experience in vending, joining for a temporary two-week summer job and never leaving. Tom has learnt everything about vending on the job and from the ground up, there is nothing he can’t turn his hand to within our vending world.

Tom and his partner love the summer months, with two cats and a ‘sausage dog’ they spend time walking and socialising with friends.

Why Vending Tom?

“I love the innovation and technology being used in the industry at the moment, it’s really changing the image, making it more attractive again to younger people. East Midlands Vending make me feel valued and encourage me get involved in all new projects”

Favourite Vending Product – Changes weekly but I’d have to say Bakewell Flapjack

Secret Talent – I’m a star on FIFA on the X box…any challenges?

Malcolm Green – Technical Manager

The strength behind our Technical Expertise, Malcom has been in the Vending world for 39 years now. Being hands on with all the technical changes and developments, Malc is our very own walking encyclopaedia.

What’s changed most in Vending Malc?

“Todays vending technology and contactless transactions make our machines even more reliable but even better is the developments by the manufactures. It’s great for my team to know the finer detail behind every door and the simplicity and ease of use for the consumer is fantastic”

Malc’s vending years have also seen his lovely family grow to 6 children with 13 Grandchildren in tow, not leaving much spare time for hobbies, but he is a big Leeds United fan and always around to support England’s sporting achievements.

Favourite Vending Product – A Latte made with our own fresh coffee beans

Another surprise about Malc – Always first and last on the dance floor at any party

Shelly Parker – Retail Manager

With an extensive retail and customer service background, Shelly now puts her talents for taste and range to great use, matching our menu range and planograms to our customers tastes, embracing the changing face of snacking.

Celebrating over 16 years in a vending environment, Shelly says ‘I’m proud to be part of the new East Midlands Vending team, and I’m loving the creativity we have in the new workplace Micro Markets, a way we can help improve health and wellbeing at work’

Married for over 21 years, with 2 boys aged 22 and 17. Loving life with plenty of holidays and eating out and plenty of spin classes thrown in to burn off those extra calories. In a male dominated household, it’s only natural that Shelly is a keen football fan supporting Nottingham Forest in all their endeavours. 


Favourite Vending Product – Too many healthy options to choose from, I can’t pick just one.

Shelly’s Secret Ambition – Shelly has a dream to learn to fly and has just booked her first lesson

Simon Barnett  – Commercial Director

Every business needs a ‘Simon’, he is the financial brains behind the business and with 25 years’ hands on experience in vending, these two skills marry to create a perfect leader.

What’s the biggest change in Vending Simon?

“It really has to be technology, not only does it give a fresh face to the industry attracting new talent and younger customers, but if you invest in the best technology and use it effectively you can streamline your service, reducing overheads and making you more competitive”

Simon’s wife and 3 children have seen his career grow in vending and are now, part of our wider East Midlands Vending family, as well as joining him in his passion for Theatre, history and his love of sport and cycling. With 3 dogs long family walks are the norm.

Favourite Vending Product– Latte made with our own fresh coffee beans with 3 sugars!

Interesting fact – I’m a keen Genealogist, tracing my family and ancestors lines of descent

Nicola Hill – Managing Director

Working in the vending world for over 24 years, Nicola brings together her experience and passion for customer service, helping create a strong reputation for East Midlands Vending. After many years in the travel industry she recognises the value of the customer experience and has helped to build the foundations of the business based on honesty and loyalty.

What’s different about East Midlands Vending Nicola?

“We really care, our customers are treated as friends and colleagues, a partnership approach to each and every account is what makes us different.  Creating East Midlands Vending with my like-minded colleagues is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved”

Nicola is extremely proud of her 2 children, who are both chips of the ‘old block’ with their tenacity and passion for life.

What you didn’t know – Nicola does a great Irish jig after a glass or two….

Favourite Vending Product – Black Americano  all day everyday    

Rak Ladva – Sales Director

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry Rak is responsible for introducing new clients to East Midlands Vending and our bespoke Vending and MicroMarket solutions. His immaculate attention to detail and focus on customer experience makes him the perfect man for the job.

What’s changed since launching East Midlands Vending?

“We first starting trading just as my beautiful daughter was born so it’s been a real baptism of fire. Launching East Midlands Vending has been the best decision…we have a fantastic team with a large set of differing skills which keeps the dream alive. A key focus for me is utilising the best technology the industry has to offer as well making sure we only have happy customers!”

Rak is a real family man and loves boxing, eating out and still has a passion DJing after 20 years   

Favourite Vending Product – It’s a hot chocolate for me…the chocolatey the better   

Secret Talent – Rak’s a mean roller skater, just love a Rolla-Disco!