Hydration Station – More than Just Water

Pure Water Refill Station 

  • Zero Plastic Waste 
  • Hover ‘No Touch’ Technology 
  • Fresh Chilled Water
  • Eco Friendly 
  • Triple Filtration Eliminates Bacteria  
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • H:1825 W:500 D:670

More Than Just Water

  • Premium Juice Concentrates (Sunset Orange & Peach Tea)
  • 12″ Media Screen for you own adverts 
  • Rinse and reuse your own bottles 
  • 3 Sizes, 200ml, 300ml & 500ml 
  • Eliminates Plastic Waste
  • Contactless Payment

Create a Revenue Stream

  • Shmoo Thick Milkshakes (Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana)  
  • 12″ Media Screen
  • Option of Disposable Cups or Refill
  • Large and Small Cup Sizes 
  • Contactless Payments 

East Midlands Vending helping you to hydrate and reduce waste.

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