Workplace Refreshments & Staff Wellbeing: Making you an Employer of choice

With so many people having to rethink their ‘work-life’ balance over the past few months, many employers are finding that salary or rate of pay are no longer everything, with some industries now struggling to retain and recruit good people.  Currently people change jobs every 4.2 years (Bureau of labour statistics).

Despite the COVID lockdown unemployment figures in the UK are 4.8% (Jan to March 21- ONS) So whilst long term measures can work if you have time, you don’t always have to start with ‘a long-term strategy’, ‘mapping out a new staff engagement journey ‘or ‘creating new performance reviews to enhance career paths. Instead, you need to introduce changes that enhances your staff wellbeing and mental health, and your Workplace Refreshments can help create the perfect environment.

It’s time to challenge our thinking as employers and consider how flexibility and simple workplace changes can offer considerable benefits to everyone.

Hybrid working and Staff Wellbeing

Many large organisation and local authorities are now leading the way with new ‘Hybrid working models’, although not suitable for every business, if you can achieve a level of flexibility and prioritise your staff wellbeing you can reap the rewards.

Research indicates that ‘home workers’ value their time effectively, often working longer hours and making great use of the non-travelling time – do we really care if they walk their dogs or peg the washing out during a break or whizz the hoover round between calls? when smart working and focus brings great results.

The working days with their colleagues become valued time, the focus stays strong making these days count and the environment conducive.

Three simple Steps to change your Workplace Refreshments

Step 1 – Create space for coffee and Rehydration

A hybrid balance of home and office working gives greater flexibility with the use of space in the office – create spacing that makes people feel safe, reducing fear but adding some warmth with colour and comfort.

Use the space to add modern simple hand sanitisers and freshwater stations in strategic areas so your staff feel the benefits of ‘home working’ but in the office. Keeping well hydrated at work can increase productivity by up to 14% (Study by the University of East London)

With limited numbers of people spread throughout the working week use the space to create mini break out areas – you’d be amazed how sharing a coffee on sofa or soft seating can enhance creativity and fun!!

Step 2 – Workplace Refreshments

Whilst days at home become pretty much self-prepared sandwiches and a quick instant coffee from a jar. Make your workplace refreshments different, the days in the office can become critical staff engagement time, enjoying quality Fresh coffee with colleagues in a modern environment or grab & go food at a time to suit the day.

With the daily reductions in people, canteens are becoming costly solutions. Reduce these costs by creating a mini shop or MicroMarket in the heart of the business, offering 24/7 fresh and heathy refreshments, all contactless with safe transactions, turning the area into a great social space to meet.

Encourage and make it OK for your staff to ‘Take a Break’ from their workspace, giving them thinking time, a time to Refresh & rehydrate, make a personal call, connect with a colleague or simply have a laugh or a chat with another human being – Staff Wellbeing really can enhance productivity and creativity within your business.

Step 3 – Staff Wellbeing – Recognition and Perks

This must be the simplest, lowest costs but most effective way to create a happy workforce who in turn will recommend you to others seeking work……

Thank you/Treat boxes are Bespoke, delivered on the days of the week that work for your people, offering complementary refreshments and treats, consider ‘Fruity Friday’, ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ or simply a team thank you for great work.

Home worker boxes can be delivered to the doorsteps of your staff as a thank you, or even a ‘family thank you’ box to share with the rest of their household, remember behind every great worker is a supportive family so share the love…….

‘Time off’ for charity work in their community is a great way to show your staff that you care not only about them but about the communities around us all – create a team who really care

Here at East Midlands Vending we can help with these simple solutions, with years of experience in Workplace refreshments and staff wellbeing we understand that looking after your workforce really does make you an ‘employer of choice’

Remember your employee is also a mum or dad, brother or sister or a carer to someone, so make their working life and environment the best you can and you will keep them…..people don’t change jobs easily if they are valued and looked after.

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