Choosing The Right Coffee Machine

The UK is lucky to have several exception manufacturers. Here’s a selection of the ones East Midlands Vending is working with this year:

When it comes to the world of vending, selecting the right coffee machine can feel like navigating a minefield. Determining the optimal coffee machine manufacturer and model entails careful consideration of various factors including footprint, daily cup capacity, milk preference (fresh or powdered), instant or fresh bean coffee, and the machine’s intended placement are crucial aspects to weigh in your decision-making process.

Worry not, East Midlands Vending stands ready to lend a hand. Our services are designed to guide you towards uncovering the ultimate workplace refreshment solution, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

When it comes to coffee machine manufacturers, the choices are abundant and diverse. Here, we present four reputable manufacturers that deserve your consideration:

Coffetek - Coffee Machine Manufacturer - East Midlands Vending

Coffetek is a prominent player in the coffee machine manufacturing industry, known for their innovative designs and user-friendly interfaces. With a focus on creating machines that offer convenience and quality, Coffetek offers a range of vending solutions suitable for various business needs. Whether you’re aiming for single-serve convenience or larger volume options, Coffetek’s offerings are worth exploring.

Coffetek Zensia

✔ 480×590 mm footprint

✔ Up to 300 cups per day

✔ Single fresh brew tea OR espresso with leaf tea configurations

✔ A+ energy rating

Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA

✔ 717×337 mm footprint + 230 mm (fridge)

✔ Up to 150 cups per day

✔ Fresh Milk – MIA technology

✔ Extensive drinks selection menu

Coffetek Neo Q

✔ 1830x750x695 mm footprint

✔ 700-1500 cups per day

✔ Fresh filtered water and coffee combined solution

✔ 21″ interactive touch screen

Renowned for their precision and craftsmanship, Franke produces coffee machines that epitomise Swiss engineering excellence. With a reputation for high-performance and durability, Franke machines are favoured by establishments seeking premium coffee experiences. If you value sophistication and quality, Franke is a manufacturer to contemplate.

Franke A300

✔ 545x540x466 mm footprint

✔ Up to 80 cups per day

✔ 8″ touchscreen display

✔ Easy clean technology

✔ Fresh Milk Fridge (Optional)

Franke A600

✔ 730x340x600 mm footprint

✔ Up to 150 cups per day

✔ 8″ touchscreen display

✔ Fully automatic cleaning process

Franke SB1200

✔ 750x340x600 mm footprint

✔ Up to 250 cups per day

✔ 12.1″ touchscreen display

✔ Cold brew & alternative milk options available

Evoca Group boasts a diverse portfolio of coffee machine brands, including the likes of Necta, Saeco, and Gaggia. This expansive range ensures that there’s a machine suitable for various budgets and preferences. Whether you’re interested in traditional espresso machines or modern automated solutions, Evoca’s line-up can cater to your vending aspirations.

Evoca Krea Touch

✔ 410x750x574 mm footprint

✔ Up to 250 cups per day

✔ 7″ HD touchscreen

✔ Appealing modern design

Evoca Maestro Touch

✔ 1830x650x760 mm footprint

✔ Up to 650 cups per day

✔ 24″ full HD touchscreen

✔ Over 100 drink selections

Evoca La Radiosa

✔ 789x386x586 mm footprint

✔ Up to 250 cups per day

✔ 10” full HD touchscreen

✔ Independent hot water outlet

Crane Merchandising Systems, now under the Crane Payment Innovations brand, specialises in vending solutions that encompass both beverage and snack offerings. Their coffee machines are designed to deliver consistent quality and user-friendly experiences. Crane’s machines are often preferred by businesses seeking a comprehensive vending solution that goes beyond just coffee.

Crane Cali 6

✔ 1830x790x700 mm footprint

✔ Up to 800 cups per day

✔ 5″ landscape HD colour display

✔ Up to 12 drink selections – build a drink style

✔ Choice of two menus offering decaf. coffee selections or soup

Crane Coti

✔ 1830x790x700 mm footprint

✔ Up to 800 cups per day

✔ 21” large, full capacity touchscreen

✔ Reusable cup option to reduce single-use cup waste

✔ Option of cold water and two cold syrups

Before making your final decision, remember to take into account factors such as the types of beverages you intend to offer, the anticipated volume of usage, the level of automation required, and your budget. You can find out more about how East Midlands Vending can find the right machine for you here.

East Midlands Vending stands ready to guide you through this decision-making journey, ensuring that your business thrives with the perfect coffee vending solution. Remember, with the right machine at your disposal, your team will be savouring not just coffee, but also convenience and satisfaction.