East Midlands Workplace Refreshments & Vending to suit you

Combining years of knowledge and experience, East Midlands Vending focus on staff wellbeing and Workplace refreshments to suit every situation. Great communication with our customers is our strength, bringing together a smooth, hassle-free service with the latest technology in a monthly Membership Plan with no contracts. We can deliver you new or recycled automated vending services you haven’t experienced before.

A team of real ‘humans’ who really understand vending services & workplace refreshments & local needs. Your staff wellbeing is important to us – let’s create a strong partnership to make things happen.

Together let’s choose your refreshment solution and match it to the Membership Plan to suit your needs…it’s as simple as that!

Accreditation and Awards 2024 East Midlands Vending


Excellent Company… Supplied and servicing excellent coffee & snack machines in our business premises. Great pricing, service and quality, a refreshing change from the outgoing provider. East Midlands Vending are doing things differently in this industry. Genuinely nice people to deal with who have the experience, and a desire to provide excellent customer service. Recommend them to anyone.

Monthly Membership Plan – No Contracts

No more lengthy contracts - create a monthly Membership Plan specific to your site needs. Only pay for the services you need when you need them and upgrade for additional service at any time. No small print! Let our great local team deliver services to your people to enjoy every day.


Monthly Membership Plans


No More Long Contracts


Talk To Real Humans


Only Pay For Services You Need

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Workplace Refreshments with Coffee & Tea Vending Services that work for you

Whatever the size and type of your business we can help you refresh and revitalise your workforce. This will maximise your employee and customer wellbeing and minimise your staff turnover. Great service and facilities will have a lasting positive impact on your people and ongoing recruitment.

We help you select from our great range of equipment or upgrade to a fantastic on site ‘mini shop’ – match this to your chosen Service Membership plan and we create you a range and menu appealing to the tastes of your entire team.


Coffee, Tea & Hot Drinks Vending services In The Workplace

Who loves their first coffee of the day? East Midlands Vending select the best & most reliable Floor Standing and Table Top vending machines on the market, the latest touch screen & contactless technology with the backbone and reliability of UK quality build.

People expect excellent Coffee in the workplace, from quality instant coffee to fresh whole bean coffee, creating Lattes and Cappuccinos with our fresh milk machine options for that perfect drink.


MicroMarket - Workplace Refreshments in a ‘Mini Shop’

The ideal solution for forward thinking businesses.

Connect your workforce by upgrading current refreshments to an unmanned MicroMarket, turning even the smallest space into a ‘mini shop’ in the heart of your workplace.

Let us help create an open plan refreshment area – engaging directly with your people in a unique, social environment, making staff feel valued, increasing productivity and reducing staff turnover.


Cold Drinks, Snack & Food Vending Services

Respond to the Grab ‘n’ Go society that we live in with a great range of Snack, Fresh Food and Cold Drinks vending machines. Every product stored to their optimum temperature:

  • Snack & Cold Drinks vendors offering a mix of top brands alongside ‘niche’ lines from local suppliers, support the health and wellbeing of your people with a great healthier choices.
  • Fresh Food Carousels offer freshly chilled sandwiches, wraps and salads and a great choice of ‘heat to Eat’ meals.

Water Coolers And Sanitising machines

Provide well-placed hydration options around your building, from a mix of Plumbed water chillers to Bottle Coolers, water boilers and fresh water taps.

Good hydration is proven to improve concentration, rewarding you with increased productivity and staff wellbeing.

Modern Sanitising Stations will take you beyond COVID-19, providing care and safe hygiene, our stylish sanitisers add the finishing touches to your vending or MicroMarket areas.

Lightbulb moment

Revolutionising Convenience: Vending Innovation

Whether it’s reviving old vending machines or concepts like Book Vending Machines, the vending industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of convenience and innovation.

  • For an eco-friendly alternative, look no further than Remanufactured and Refurbished machines, contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing electronic waste.
  • Book Vending Machines are sparking a literary revolution. These innovative vending systems allow schools to offer students a selection of titles at the push of a button.

Why Choose Us As Your Vending Partner?

Your service matters to us, that’s why we do things differently. We’ve built a great team of good hearted people with you in mind. We will deliver an exceptional service to your standard and specification – no contracts , a simple monthly Membership Plan where you only pay for the services you need.

Our people understand both our passion and your goals to create an outstanding service partnership.



Embracing new ways of thinking. We consistently evolve to improve our customers' experience.



We aim to inspire our team to engage with our customers, togetherness gains results.


Good Heart

Treat customers, suppliers and employees as our family, with respect, trust and integrity.



Local people understand local service, flexible bespoke solutions deliver excellent service.



Constantly reviewing practices minimises our environmental impact & supports local initiatives.

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